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Does physics have a role in animation?

When it comes to animation, it is very important to know about the physics that is hidden inside the animation to bring the image or the video to its perfect format. You need to know about the principles so I did what I did in the right way when it comes to the physical motion of a video.

At the start of learning, you will be guided to learn the bouncing ball where the physics falls. In that kind of editing the animation require physics to balance the state of the ball and to make the ball bounce at the same place.

Necessary things to consider while making animation

You have to mainly look at the timing and the space of the object and you have to make a calculation continuously so that it will not mess up when you play the video.

When you get fine acceleration the velocity will always be in a constant state so as the speed of the Object will also be in a balanced state.

To make the object travel in the same place until the end then you can do some of the practical with the things that you have to measure the time and to know the concept deeply.

editing the animation

These are some of the things need for animation when it comes to the physics for making a video or an image turn out to a completely different one. You can even make many changes that you wanted to add inside the video to give out a different result.

Final thoughts

These are some of the main things but the animation will need from the side of physics do you make any kind of object remain in the same direction with good balance and also with a good comfort setting zone so that it can be constant till the end.

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