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Three simple ways to integrate motion graphic into web design

With the growing technology, everything has changed around you from the product advertisements to movie promotions. The competition in any business field is ever increasing; in this case, to make reach your product or services to the general audience you have to do something unique to attract the people.

This is the place where web designers prefer motion graphics or animation for storytelling. To enhance website with motion graphics is a brilliant idea because the interest in motion graphics is very high in this case, you can make use of them as a weapon to take your product to the public.

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Here are the ways to integrate motion graphic into web design.

Animated logos

One of those simple ways to integrate the motion graphics into web designing is logo manipulation the animated logo manipulation helps you in increasing the interest of the public. When the logo of your brand frequently varies or you have given any kind of movement to logos that grabs the eyes of the people. Moving logos has become the newest trend, so you can try rotating, spinning, expanding, and reappearing graphic logo designs.

Kinetic typography

You have seen this kinetic typography is most of the eCommerce, business, and website landing pages. The kinetic typography is nothing they are just moving texts and they are created to invoke the attitude or feelings of the visitors. This typography technique influences the overall site designing effectively, so while creating the kinetic typography consider the font, color, size, pictures, and position of the texts. Creativity matters a lot in kinetic typography even you are incorporate little creativity that extremely reflects on the designing process.

Hover effects

Everyone experienced the hover effects while using any of the eCommerce selling sites when they are scrolling down the products. It is a simple way to add graphic motion to web design. When you have pointed on any product just by scrolling the mouse you can visualize the information you want like price, manufacture, and others and this is said to be as hover effects. You can also use the hover effects to change the graphics into some other things based on the site owner’s opinion. However, even a simple idea sometimes grabs the interest of the customers remember it.

Final words

You can integrate your existing web design with the graphic motions with the above ideas but still, there are some more ideas to get to know.

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