Do the animators have to be good at drawing?

The people who do animations should have a good drawing skill so that they will be able to make alterations in an image either it is in a photo format or you have sketched it with your hands. Only if you have good drawing skills you can be able to introduce many creative things that are inside your mind without the help of any. The animators have to be good at drawing so that you can Draw Something inside an image where you wanted to attach something important.

drawing skill

Why is the drawing skill necessary?

A good artist will have many new ideas to make and to change an image, which is normal to a different level.

No one can bring out as a drawing that is present inside your mind. If you are a good artist then you by yourself can bring them out which is present in your assumption.

You will not have an idea to call someone to bring a good effect to your image instead if you are an artist you can make him or her by yourself without getting help from others and even you can take a long time to make them happen simple and perfect.

This is the main reason why drawing skill necessary for animation. You can make a lot of alterations if you have drawing skills and also you will know about the perfect formula and also some of the tricks based on it to bring an error into a perfect one.

Bottom line

This is the main reason why an animator should have a good knowledge of drawing. If you are a starter, then it is good for you to start with the basics and later you can introduce a lot of ideas as you get to know about them.

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