Can make animation in Photoshop?

Everyone know Photoshop is the very best platform for editing or post-processing of photographs, but how many of you know that you can make animation in Photoshop? Only a few have an idea about creating the animation through the Photoshop platform.

They are not a new concept they are there from a long ago, in the Photoshop you can see the feature called timeline panel where you can create the key frame animation. Even though you cannot create the cinematic animations, they are good enough to create the complex animations.

In case, the topic of making the animation in Photoshop is very new to you can go through the article where some of the advanced techniques in Photoshop have been share which assists you in knowing about creating the animations in Photoshop.

Timeline panel

The timeline panel in Photoshop allows the users to pick any of the one options between two types of timelines, they are video timelines and frame animation.

Frame animation as the name implies they help you in creating the frame-by-frame animation, but in the frame timeline, they are a limitation. This frame timeline works through converting the layers in your layer panel for every individual frame.

Video timeline, this timeline panel allows the keyframe animation. During this animation process, you will be setting key points for the animation and the Photoshop interpret in-between frames that are to create a cohesive animation. Through making the first animation videos on the video timeline panel you can get to know about the features and you have to playback the animation after finishing that is know how the object canvas moves.

Layer types

Generally, the various layer types will have varying properties to animate, in this case, you have to provide them enough attention to know which layer types are being used. Some of the common layer types which can be animated;

  • Standard pixel layer
  • Shape layer
  • Text layer
  • Smart object

These are the types of the layer you can be animated but before animating examine the properties of each layer to animate them accordingly.

Animation filters

The smart object you have used for animation will be shown good only after you have selected the appropriate animation filters for them. So pay attention while picking the animation filter for your animated characters.

Final thoughts

You can make use of Photoshop good for creating animation but you can make them only when you have an idea about it, so before thinking about making the animation in Photoshop get to know the steps involved in it.

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